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LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:hinotama85
Your haiku:le quartz rock on part
due le quartz baby merry
live)due le quartz rock
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Created by Grahame<input ... >
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:hinotama85
Your haiku:how i'm supposed
to be fair i do not act
like i'm ever going
Created by Grahame

found a haiku creator...good times...i've fallen off the face of the planet, and i will again for five days while i babysit for my aunt while she and her husband are in NYC. sunday, at work, i got a phone call from my mom's boyfriend, he said that my uncle mark was rushed to the hospital and that the priest had been called, he wouldn't make it through the night. he didn't, he died early monday morning. the funeral is on friday. my mom seems to be ok, i haven't seen my grandma, but i can't imagine her taking it well. you're not supposed to bury your children, and this is her second son she's had to bury. life isn't fair.

(Deleted comment)
lol i like the first one...it just to inspiring and meaningful...how i <3 due' le quartz lol

thank you for your thoughts, they mean a lot <3

cool haiku thing! I hope you and your family are coping well. ^^ *hugs*
thank you very much. i'm doing well, i don't know about my grandma though, you're not supposed to bury your children, its just not right. this is her second son she's had to bury.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! hino-chan!!!! *hugs* i hope you're doing all right *hugs again* and i hope your grandma is ok too *sends hugs to her*

i completely forgot that you were doing that babysitting job this week! i was wondering where you got yourself to when i went looking for you yesterday! by the way, you got your test back in Japanese religion..... and if you were planning on going to the class on Firday, it's cancelled. thought i would let you know ^.^ (i went to your class with Robyn, lol!)

finally, where in the world did you find those haiku generators? they're funny! ^.^

haha yea i nearly forgot as well...just like how i nearly forgot about my test today...good thing shaye missed class to watch the kids for me ^^;;

how badly did that religion test rape me? maybe i should have studied at least a little bit before the like ten mins before ne?

i don't remember where i found them...but i'll try to find them again!! its just random words from your lj entries lol...some where pretty random!

thanks for all the hugs, i appreciate it!

it's a good thing to write your tests! you usually get a better mark that way, lol!

i didn't get to see your test mark, so i can't tell you how you did v.v i figured you might go to class before i see you next, so i left it with Takagaki (though i did think about picking it up for you, lol ^.^)

no problem! i'll hug you anytime *hugs* and i'll pet you too!! *pets lots*

awww pets! *is pet* oh you know how much of a petting whore i am...and so does peter now lol...no i wont see takagaki until next wednesday...so no class on friday eh?? well i wont be there anyways haha. lol next time pick up the test hahaha....if he'll give it to you, might not since you're not me...but if he was smart he'd realize that we're all each other <3

lol! how long did you have Peter petting you for?

i figured you wouldn't be going to class on Firday, but i thought i should let you know that you weren't missing anything ^.^ and yeah, he probably would have given it to me knowing Takagaki. i'm not sure he knows me, from you, from KiKi..... ^.^' and really, as you say, we're all each other anyway, so he would be closer to being right than most people, lol!

good old takagaki *sigh* i think today may have been the worst day of my life. peter hasn't beaten your record of continuous petting yet but he does pet often

awwwwwwww! poor hino-chan! *hugs and pets lots* i wish there was something i could do to help v.v

lol! i'm sure he'll beat it one day. all he has to do is pet you for, what? 4 hours straight? ^.^ but any petting is good petting, ne? ^.^