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Hey everyone,

It's been forever and several days, and for that I am sorry. Everytime I went to update something came up that had to be done right then and I've been so busy lately. School has kept me going and then some v.v On a good note I'm going to Cuba just after Christmas! I'm a little excited, but I still wish we were going at another time so that I could go to the con with KiKi and Mika-chan v.v Oh and I accidently told my mom that my dad is in Cuba right now, so she's royally pissed (she didn't know) and that does not bode well for any of us v.v;; my bad *slinks away* I'm supposed to go tomorrow to Lyndsay and pick up my brother, but they're calling for about a foot of snow, so I don't know if that will happen and he'll just be stuck up there for another couple days. Ok and now I must go and prepare 64 terms and memorize them so that I can answer the THREE the prof will put on the exam *dies*

Enjoy your sunshiny holiday Miss A.L. hehehe
i will thank you!!! <3<3<3


my dear girl i'm soo sorry I could not answer your posts all week :-( I was at home in Oville with no chance to grab some net time....*tear*

How are you doing!!!??? I'm wishing you good vibes and hugs for tomorrow Nam!!

Have a TON of fun in Cuba!!! they have the sexiest dancing ever...*drools* I will miss you WHOLE bunches and the next opportunity to see you I will be running to you!!!!!!

I too have a sib in Lyndsay!! does your bro go to Fleming by chance?? Maybe he has seen my nutty sister ^_~

love Robbs xoxoxoxoxox
omg yes he does! for environmental something or other! what a small world!!

i miss you lots and lots too *tears* and i'll need all the help i can get for Nam tomorrow >>;; oh dear lord.

*glomps* miss ya! mega love back!