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Hello everyone, I got back late last night from Cuba! It was alright. Our plane was delayed leaving Toronto, which was annoying, and then once we were in the air we were delayed again because of the weather or something of that sort. Anyways, we did not get to our hotel rooms until 6 in the morning. The next day was annoying since it was New Years and we were tired and irritable and people (and many, many, many children) ran around making loud noises and being stupid.

We were a little disappointed with the resort, my dad was there two weeks ago and return guests are supposed to have VIP treatment, a special arm band, you don't have to wait in the insanely long line to book the a la carte dinners, a fruit basket in the rooms, a bottle of rum, some shirts that say "special guest" etc. My dad had to ask for the arm band, there was not anything in our rooms, we waited in line for two and a half hours to make a la carte reservations and well none of the stuff that was supposed to happen did. We didn't really care that much, I mean people make mistakes and it had only been two weeks since my dad had been there. But then when a friend who works there found out, she called over and told them what was going on, so she took my dad over there and the stupid little PR guy started making excuses and how it was our fault, the people who booked the trip's fault etc and that made my dad really angry. He told the guy that he sat in front of him in that very room two weeks ago and said he'd be back with his kids in two weeks. Well whatever, doesn't really matter, besides that it was the only reason why we went back to that resort and forked over the extra money since we could have gone to the one next door and saved at least a grand. But whatever.

I went with my sister on a trip, we went snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. We spent a significant portion of our trip comparing it to the trip we took to Mexico. Swim with Dolphins was much different, they were less organized, the trainer wasn't in the water, it was different. You had to pay to do tricks with the dolphins, so we didn't, since we had swam with dolphins in Mexico. We swam with a dolphin named Tornado, he was massive. That was one of the first things I told Shaye-Bear, that they were significantly larger then the ones in Mexico, and for good reason. The ones we swam with in Mexico were two years old and being trained for movies and stuff. Tornado was 18! He was older than Shaye-Bear! And about 450 lbs! So overall that was a good trip.

The other thing I was supposed to do was go to Santiago, which was a 13 hours day trip, where we would go and see where Fidel was born and grew up, see a rum factory and Revolutionary Square. It was going to be very historical and that was supposed to be my big trip for the week. (My brother went on an ecological tour for like 6 hours or something like that.) So at 6:45 in the morning we were up, ate at 7:25 (breakfast opened at 7:30 when we were supposed to be in the lobby, so we had to eat fast). In the lobby we waited and waited and waited, 7:30 came and went and then it was 7:45, which wasn't a big deal. Cuban time bothers me, but whatever. (Everyone just gets there when they do, sometimes they're an hour late and no one really cares.) And then a bunch of other tour buses came and left and all the guides (I asked every single one) kept saying that another bus was coming for my brother and myself. so at 9:30, two hours later, we went and talked with the tour company representitive and he called the company's head office and they said it was in the computer, that it had been a large your and everyone but four people (BJ and I and two other people from another resort) spoke Italian and the tour guide they had sent didn't speak English, so they had sent a little van for the four and we would go alone. Except that they never showed up and they couldn't reach the driver on the two way radio and they never showed up. They asked if we wanted to rebook the trip, but we were leaving the next day so they gave us back our money and that was that. I didn't get to go. I was very disappointed. v.v

Besides that we went snorkelling off the beach, which was cool, went on a two hour horseback ride up to some caves and saw some cool stuff. The countryside was pretty, we went to Gibara which was really cool, nice old buildings. We got to see a CUC store. Overall it was a pretty good trip I guess. Yup.

(for neko)
Lesson of the Week: NO ONE looks good in a speedo!! *shudder*

Well that's about all for me for now I guess. Mika and KiKi are still at the con in the States. I'm going to take a nap I think.

hahahahahahaha how i luffed your lesson of the week! speedos = ickyness!!!!

Sounds like you had so much fun!!!!! ^_^ well except for the meanness of the hotel guy and the fact that you couldn't go on your tour :(
i put it in just for you! hahahaha but yes the week was mostly fun *nods* *glomp*

Lesson of the Week: NO ONE looks good in a speedo!! *shudder*

I just finished downloading a new j-drama that proves that point wrong. (*^_^*) There are many in Waterboys who look great in them. But that's why they were cast I suppose..

well no one there should be wearing speedos...it was fugly....no it was beyond fugly!

Lol, there should be a speedo certification program... you need to have a licence to wear a speedo, and a panel of women are the ones who hand out the licences.
OMG!!! You downloaded Waterboys?! Is it about a boys swim team? If it is I saw that show when I was staying in Japan. OMG! I SO need a copy of that!

OMG, I DID! I love it. This one is season one, from a few years ago I think. But I LOVE it because it has Tenimyu boys in it. ^__^
Shall I add it to the list of things to burn? :D
OMG, OMG! Please do! *glomps* That show was SO funny! Oh man! I can't believe you have it! That'd be awesome if you could burn it for me. ^^ *hugs*


Btw, did you ever get the stuff I sent you?
It's hilarously adorable. I love it so very much.
I'll put a CD or two of it in with the next set.
I have you DL1 and More Than Limit, right? So you still need the first ones?
Oh! Thank you! *hugs* Yes. You gave me DL1 and More than Limit. Hehe, they are so funny. ^^

Right, I'll send "Prince of Tennis Musical" and some Waterboys next. :P
I should do that tonight..
Awesome! XD

hihihihihi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **glomps** we got back from the con last night! i'll be writing a post about it in a bit ^.^

it sounds like you had a lot of fun on your trip!! did you take pictures and stuff? will i get to see all the things you're talking about? *excited*

it's so sad that you didn't get to go on your trip v.v but at least they gave you your money back ne? tour people can be really dumb sometimes...

hahahahahahaha! i'm sure Neko-chan enjoyed the lesson of the week! those are always fun to read ^.^

Hi mika-chan! i watched for you at school yesterday, but i didn't see you v.v i have pictures but i don't have batteries for my camera, so you can see pictures when i get around to charging my batteries ^^;; i'm excited to see you and kiki! its been forever!

if those bastards didn't give us our money back we would have been very upset that was worth *does math* 225 canadian. i was (still am) very upset!

Sounds like you had a good time minus the little mishaps. Glad it was fun! XD