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thought it was interesting

woohoo! its 12:08 am and i'm already home! <3<3 i could still be waiting for a bus at work....but Grant gave me a lift home...which was kinda weird...but whatever, a free ride is a free ride <3

my head is pounding...i have to go to my mom's house tomorrow, its her b-day. i got her a card, it took me awhile to find one that wasn't all 'you're amazing...the greatest...mother is special' etc...cos i can't lie to the woman.

its two minutes to 2 am and someone has called my house three times in the last ten minutes. i'm to lazy to get up and answer....who the hell calls someone at 2 in the fucking morning?! i was sleeping!! bastards...

if by chance it was anyone here (erm so like kiki or mika...or maybe lala) sorry i didn't answer...

gah i wanted to do a big update thing...but i don't have time v.v i need to catch a bus to my mom's so i can have her car to get to work...and then i'm gone for two days to Gogama to get Shaye-bear...i'm debating bringing my computer with me....but its so fucking huge >.< maybe i wont...maybe just to my mom's house? *sigh*

mika i don't work on saturday at all, so normal saturday routine then? your place or mine? i'm sure the sewage smell will be completely gone by then...well it will be gone sooner, cos that's in a week. though i'm sure the ceiling in the bathroom will still leak...man oh man what a day yesterday

i had the worst day EVER EVER EVER yesterday...by 8:00 pm i wanted to crawl into a hole and die...in a nutshell:

-lost many files during reformat, cds didn't work
-bus didn't come, had to take a cab to work, total cost $30
-dinner plans were cancelled...ended up having pizza for dinner >.< i don't like pizza much
-pissed down rain, basement flooded with sewage again, really bad this time, like ankle deep >.<
-walked into my bathroom to find a river running through it...the ceiling now leaks in the bathroom
-found massive stream of water coming from my brother's room, he left his window open, little shit
-the basement (where my bedroom is) stunk for most of the night
-we lost power and my dad yelled at me cos the house wasn't clean (how i'm supposed to vaccuum when the power was out for hours is beyond me)

i still need to pack up my shit...and leave in 15 mins....i need to go. i'll talk to you all on tuesday when i get back from the dance studio. i don't think i caught all the swearing when i went back to erase it ^^;; so forgive my sailor's mouth

hello peffkitten <3<3<3 this is a vid list...i just realized its sorta out of date...i have six more cds burnt and a few of the files aren't listed on here...but its not too bad ^^;;

psst its all under hereCollapse )

thanks again sooo much for those mp3s!! nearly have all my mm back!! *dances*

i need to find lala...she isn't home...i just looked out my door and checked. v.v instead i figured out my schedule for this year...it kinda sucks ass a bit >.> oh but wait...when doesn't my schedule!?!?! i wish i could be like everyone else and take what was convient and not what i actually found interesting!!

here it is...

Semester One

Monday - 11:30: 3KK3
Tuesday - 8:30: 3GG3, 12:30: 3J03
Wednesday - 10:30: 3S03, 11:30: 3KK3, 12:30: 3J03, 3:30: 3S03, 7:00: 2I06
Thursday - 8:30: 3GG3
Friday - 8:30: 3GG3, 11:30: 3KK3, 12:30: 3J03, 3:30: 3S03

3KK3 – History of the Vietnam Wars
3J03 – History of the United States During the 1960’s
3S03 – East Asian Religious Traditions
2I06 – Europe During the Middle Ages

Semester Two

Monday - 2:30: 3UU3, 3:30: 3C03, 4:30: 3F03
Tuesday - 10:30: 3C03
Wednesday - 9:30: 3UU3, 12:30: 3E03, 4:30: 3F03, 7:00: 2I06
Thursday - 2:30: 3E03, 3:30: 3C03, 4:30: 3F03
Friday - 9:30: 3UU3, 10:30: 3E03

3C03 – Late Roman Republic
3UU3 – Buddhism in East Asia
3E03 – Religions of Japan
3F03 – Medieval Society

ok mika-chan...have you figured yours out yet? which religious studies are you taking with me? one of the Takagaki ones right? *prays for no joe* oh man my histories are all over the place this year!! THREE modern history classes! the insanity...i don't know if i can handle it...but it should be alright, as long as the words globalization and neo-liberal aren't muttered...god i hate globalization, ok so neo-liberal isn't bad on its own...its when it teams up with words like globalization we all have to watch out for...its the devil. *shudders at neo-liberal globalization memories from Modern Latin American* right, so mika, what breaks do we have together (when you figure all that jazz out)? i have a sneaking suspicion that thursdays first semester just might not happen for me....>>;; oh and why do wednesdays hate me? you know EVERY year wednesday is just...horrid.

ok i'm back! so.....i got San today!! *is still super excited!* and its great!! *huggles cd* i went down to the purolator place...which i'm very proud of, because i didn't know where it was and i found it anyways by looking at a map *beams with pride* and i got it and then i went to my car and i opened it and i looked at it and i smiled a lot. i was (am) very happy. this is my first real jrock cd! squwee!! i was sooooo happy that even the smell of rotten sewage didn't affect my mood! and then by the time i got to centennial i was still so happy that not even the smell of pigs stewing in their own shit in metal trucks that lingered for almost ten minutes could make me stop smiling!! ^_______________________________________________________^ i listened to it on the way home and was super excited...but i will not do that again...because hamilton is the land of potholes...and it ruins cds rather quickly...not cool ne? i have a cd and out of the 22 songs there are 2 that still play properly...that can't happen to kagrra now can it?!

anyways, it came with trading cards...if i wasn't lazy i'd scan them...but i am lazy...so it'll have to wait...and when i saw the front of the cd i was like '>.> sure just put isshi on the front >< *shakes fist*' but then i looked inside and realized that the front CHANGES!! ooooooooh! <3 so i have nao on the front and isshi hidden....^________^...but really isshi looks...tolerable...which is saying something for him (not an isshi fan)

*claps* oh i'm so very very very happy!! oh its soooo pretty! <3<3<3 don't worry mika i'll bring it to your house on saturday!! cos i will be coming there right after work! <3<3 (lol decided to move that convo here to save from spam ^^;;) yayness~~ i shall bring it and you can see the cards *pets cd* oh its sooooo pretty! i heart it muchly! ok that's all about that...for now

on monday my mom brother and i drove up to Lindsay Ontario because that is where my brother will be going to school in september ^______^...i actually navigated...i don't usually but bj was all take the QEW to the Gardenier Express Way to the Don Valley to get up to the 403...and i was like oO erm just take the 401 to the 403 to higway 35 (or whatever the number was) and then we did and i directed...and mika!! we drove past where i picked up that gino!! haha i shared that story with my mom ^.^ right, so Sir Sanford Flemming College is so cutsie! haha its all in one building and they have as many classrooms as we have buildings lol...and then my brother bought his first sememster books and i think the lady in the store thought it was for me because she gave him a pink file folder (which was part of the course package he had to buy) *shrug* he doesn't really care and says he'll use it anyways

last weekend i was soooo busy!! i worked, and then helped my mom move, and then went to a surprise party for stacy (<- no e) and apparently erin was invited but didn't go because she didn't really know anyone else going...she didn't know that i was going...and then after we went back to mika's and i gave neko the code of vulgar[ISM] dvd ^_______^ and we had fun! much fun was had. yes indeed. the next morning i went back to help my mom move again...oi vey moving is a lot of work...but the house is coming together slowly but surely....i moved all the crap into the computer room and set up her computer for her...which is so much easier then the computer we had here...hers is all colour coded and stuff...the screen plug is blue, so it goes in the blue hole...speakers green...in the green hole...any idiot could have done it.....

speaking of idiots...i am one. just call me die. my mom asked me set up her hammock for her...so i did. and it went together pretty nicely until it came to the canopy and part just wouldn't attach but i made it work because i am great. and then i stood up and dusted my hands off and said to myself 'well hino that looks a little funny but whatever' and then like an hour later my mom came out and laughed at me and was like 'erm you have the canopy on wrong....' i had it standing up like this | instead of down like this __ .....it looked funny because it was wrong...god i'm an idiot...*shakes head* i told you mika i'm having more and more die moments all the time!!

did i mention my cd is pretty?

i want my dinner...dad said he'd make it when he got home at 7:20...which was an hour and 20 mins ago...he still hasn't started...and he'd better make me a stupid stir fry cos i went and bought all the stuff for it!!! *shakes fist* hino is hungry v.v

today i worked at the studio for 6.5 hours @.@ there was so much to do!! and it was stupid...and elyse didn't tell me that it was summer camp week so i didnt know that there would be an army of kids running around...they're distracting...but anyways, the point, i didn't know...and i brought granola bars for lunch...however one of the students at the camp has a severe life threatening allergy to peanuts...and my granola bars may contain traces of them...so i couldn't eat them v.v so i didn't have a lunch...but then my grandpa stopped by randomly and was like 'would you like some peaches?' so i said yes and had peaches for lunch. *nods* good thing papa and grandma came by....yes i forgot to mention grandma before...but i mean why would papa be there without grandma? she has the key to the studio...so he'd just stand outside until i noticed him lol...it would have been awhile i had my mp3 player on...loud...very loud...i have 35 5-12 year olds to drown out!

ok i'm now boring everyone so i'll stop! my cd is pretty and i love it. thanks for reading. have a good night.


omgomgomgomgomgomgomg it came!! it came!!! *runs around frantically* I HAVE IT! *faints*


(erm i have to go and get my dad from work...when i get back i shall update!!)
ohohohohohohoh i got tagged!! *is excited and huggles nariko_whee* ohohoh me i'm a steak me!!

Total volume of music files on the PC: over 8.94 GBs...i have some stuff on my desktop that hasn't been moved over yet ^^;; i'm energetically challenged...

Song listening to at the moment: Vidoll - Boku, shimobe (remix)

Last CD bought: Kagrra, San....though i haven't gotten it yet *is sad*

5 songs that are special to me through those I listen to often:
1. Yuuyami Suicide - Perriot
2. Akane - Nightmare
3. Sheeps - 12012
4. Mizuiro Girlfriend - Plastic Tree
5. Hotarubi - Dir en Grey

5 people to whom I'm passing the baton:
1. mikazuki_chan
2. x_toraneko_x
3. jadedhazeleyes
4. shironotsuki
5. milly_chan (<- hey i haven't heard from you in EONS! *pokes* are you still alive??)

erm i had stuff i wanted to talk about (<- read: pointless ramble/bitch which wont make sense to more then like 3 people) but i'm to lazy right now so i'll save it for later <3

gah i don't want to go to work....someone go for me! *puppy eyes* please?! ok fine i'll go *pouts*

heh the other day at work...it was last week while judy was on vacation so i wore my lip ring ^^;;...i was in the bathroom and this other cashier came in and we were chatting...and she asked if it hurt to get my lip ring and i told the story of getting it done and she was like O.O oh....and then she mentioned wanting to get her belly button pierced and asked if you had to be over 16 or if you still needed parental concent. i was like ummmm iunno...and then she looked at my funny and was like well did you need your parents to sigh something? i thought for a moment and said that i just signed and didn't think about it...and she was like oh ok, so you're 16 right? so then i should be good

hino: ............................................................i'm 20.

haha it suffices to say she was embarrassed...a lot actually. she thought i was like maybe going into grade 10 or 11...i'm going into my third year of university lol it was funny...well for me...she felt really bad, but i told her it was ok and to be fair i do not act like i'm 20 *bounces around petting all the readers* ^_________________________________________________^

funny story, thought i'd share....still have an hour before i have to leave for work >.>;;

i'm bored and procrastinating doing my laundry until after my dad leaves...so in the mean time...i uploaded and added comments cos I was still bored

fresh fruitCollapse )
old and near moldingCollapse )

please remember to comment!!

hey mika you were right, it isn't fun trying to find the ball to my lip ring on my carpet

*goes back to looking* >.<

Since San was just released I come bearing a ton and a half of Kagrra <3 follow the cut

I fall asleep to the rusted and forlorn ringing of the faded wind chimeCollapse )


You are funky, outdoorsy, and down to earth.
While you may not be a total hippie...
You're definitely one of the most free spirited people around.

You are very impulsive - every day is a new adventure.
However, you do put some thought behind all your actions.
Still, you do tend to shock and offend people from time to time!

The World's Shortest Personality Test

thought that was fitting...i was onec asked if i was a hippy...shock and offend from time to time? i LIVE for it!! hello! *is super excited for go for dinner as Nazi Die!!* oh we're gonna kick ass!! oh oh ohohoh to have another Perkins but better! oh Tad...or Tod or whatever the hell his name was ROFL! good times good times *feeds kiki waffles* next time you can get in on the waffles as well shin-chan *huggles*

ok! so here it is dracunculusmed ^___________________________________^ its organized by which cd they're on, but its mostly alphabetically...kinda...but not really ^^;;

PV List of DoomCollapse )
oh my sakito i can't believe it 12 am already!! geez where does the time go? oh right...i sleep it away >>;;

ok so my brother is back for four weeks from the army, and he's been so kind and brought me ALL kinds of stuff and i was bored so i took some pics so i can show you all *huggles* <3<3<3 so bear with me here ^^;;

insert witty line hereCollapse )

yea so that's about it *nods* oh and did i mention that i HATE ysi!?! it refuses to work for me *sobs*

ok, so i have made note of a lot of things to mention...lets see if i can remember them all...there were a lot...and from really random times, so this should be long (and mostly boring) and its in no particular order...please bear with my insanity.

yay, well what first? hold that thought i just remembered i have to call my grandma. ok that's done. she just got out of the hospital yesterday. she was supposed to be out on Monday, but she fell sick and her blood pressure was dangerously low so they kept her in for another few days. i don't want to go and visit her cos i'm sick with a cold and i don't want her to get even more sick, so i called. she appreciated it. <3 yes, so grandma is doing much better, she couldn't talk long, because she gets short of breath easily. she went outside today so i had to tell her to make sure she stays inside *rolls eyes* at least she admitted it was hard to breathe outside. onto the next item on the agenda

i just ate a cookie with milk. it was the last cookie and it looked all lonely and near stale in the container...so i ate it. he's in a better place now...namely my stomach.

i bought a watch today, after i went to the employment building (yes i'm going through my day backwards it seems...so the next paragraph will deal with that) i went to walmart and asked if they had any cute watches, with like hello kitty or something on it...the lady looked at me like i was nuts...which i am but besides the point...so i got a princess watch...its Cinderella <3 she's not as cool as say Sleeping Beauty or Hello Kitty...but for 8$ it'll work nicely until i find a cute Hello Kitty one *nods* yes, hino is actually wearing a watch...i never do, cos i'm a free spirit and watches aren't needed for free spirits...but with a job i have places to be, buses to catch >.< a watch becomes mandatory >.< so sad.

today i went to the employment building, on Queenston and Parkdale, i walked there...it didn't take as long as i thought it would though...i figured like 45 mins...but i walk as fast as the devil reincarnated so i made it in like 25 ^________________________________^ why was i there? well that is a good question. i had to get a new Social Insurance Number card >.< no, no i didn't lose mine. no, it wasn't stolen. my card says Amber-lee Dawn Hutchinson...all my other id says Amber-lee Dawn Mosakoski-Hutchinson because that is my actual name (well its really Amber-lee Dawn Marie Mosakoski-Hutchinson...but the Marie is my baptism name...so its not a legal name) and as i found out the other day when i went to school (still going backwards, work with me here) they most likely will not issue me my OSAP (which i still haven't applied for ^^;;; i HAVE to do that TONIGHT) to me because my id doesn't match, and identity theft is so huge right now. i asked my dad why in the name of heaven he put Hutchinson on my SIN card when EVERYTHING else is Mosakoski-Hutchinson (with the exception of school) and he said he didn't...so i asked the lady there and we looked it up...and my dad did...he put the mosakoski in another box...which is why its not on the card...so its all HIS fault.

so yea, i walked there and back...i have a sun burn...it was DAMNED hot and then on the way home the sun came out from behind the smog and it was even hotter. bastards. i sweated so much it was disgusting...really gross...and on the way home i stopped for a banana popsicle cos i was so damned hot i needed something cold then. yes, so i ate the popsicle. yes i did. the cookie is now keeping the popsicle company...may they digest happily ever after <3

so continuing on the backwards quest of what i've done in the last little bit...the other day i went to MAC to have my OSAP password reset cos i forgot it >>;; heheh...and the lady almost wouldn't reset it for me!! *gasp* you know why? cos my SIN card says Hutchinson and everything else says Mosakoski-Hutchinson...as we know...so i convinced her to do it anyways and told her i'd get a new one (which cost me ten dollars i might add...didn't make a happy hino) so yea. and now i realize that my student card says Hutchinson AD and now EVERYTHING else says Mosakoski-Hutchinson >.< i have to go back and ask if i should change it on my student card...which i don't want to do cos then with the school i'll be Mosakoski-Hutchinson and frankly i'm tired of typing it already...and i'd have to remember that i have a different last name all the time and i wouldn't...AND my name hardly fits on the stupid student card as it is, i don't think Mosakoski-Hutchinson (really tired of typing it...that's so freakin' long) will fit at all...bastards are out to make my life hell....

ok, so now onto random points i've been meaning to mention forever and keep forgetting...a question to all (if any) Americans who read this...do you all really drive the speed limit? ok, so a few weeks ago LaLa ED and i went up to Owen Sound to see t-fish *waves* hi t-fish...and it was a long weekend so we didn't drive that fast, cos OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) were out to nab people...evil opp...so driving not fast is like only 10 to 15 over the limit in areas we knew would be watched and then mostly normal for everywhere else (right lala?) so we passed a plate from the US...puttering along at like 80 km/h which was the speed limit...naturally we zoomed past them. and then eons ago when the neighbourhood went to New York on the way there we travelled with like five other Ontario plates (we didn't know them, we just pretty much drove the same speed...which was faster then everyone else) and we were all zooming around the local plates...so what, do all Americans actually drive the speed limit? i mean here in southern Ontario if the speed limit is 50 km/h the mentality is 'well i can do 65 before they give me a ticket'...unless on are on the Hamilton Mountain where the flow of traffic is 70 km/h bless the mountain...down here on the bottom on the mountain 60 is pretty much standard....you get the odd old person driving the limit...sometimes if you're super unfortunate someone driving 40 km/h and that just pisses me off...damned slow ppl >.< oh and while i'm at it i HATE people who drive slow on the Kenilworth Access...not only are you holding me up...but you're going to kill someone! accidents are worse when the cars are going at drastically different speeds! stupid heads! when i drive 90 km/h up the access and people zoom past me like i'm walking and then there is someone doing 50!! (the speed limit is 60 on the access) they're gonna kill themselves!! plus its annoying! yes yes it is.

i had other stuff to say...and then i went upstairs and pee-ed...and now they're all gone >.< so i guess that's it from me for now...cos i honestly can't remember what - oh i remember!! (i love how i never erase anything and just keep going...cos i couldn't hit the backspace and just keep going...)

right, so what was i saying? ummm...right! my sunburn hurts, which reminded me of how i walked all the way to the stupid government building in the heat...and how the sun poked out from behind the smog and burned me...does anyone know if there was a smog advisory today? i never check, it nearly felt like it should have been...but sometimes there was a lovely breeze...stupid smog...it looks like it might rain...which is good...at first i wasn't sure if it was the smog or rain clouds...but its not after 6:30 the smog is usually mostly gone by now...so my vote is rain...for those who don't live in hamilton and are blessed enough to live in cleaner places...we have smog days where we're told not to go outside unless we have to and to not do stuff, cos its bad for your health. *nods* yesterday the smog was so horrid....you couldn't see most of the city off the top of the kenilworth access...oh horrid it was...Hamilton is like that show The Smoggies...except all those weird little people left for greener pastures, leaving only those stupid big people who lived on the big like oil tanker just off shore and killed all the dolphins and stuff...yes Hamilton is like that, without the little people to clean stuff so the big stupid people just make it more and more messy and dirty and it keeps getting worse and all the dolphins are dead (note: Hamilton doesn't have dolphins...the lake is fresh water...well it was fresh water, don't swim in it you'll get a rash and probably glow when you come out...just for all the animal rights activists reading this...yes that same lake is our drinking water...never were dolphins) yea, so the dolphins are all dead and that nice island they lived on is all gross and dead and the oil spilt in the water and the big stupid people keep making it worse.

hey i looked at the front cover of the newspaper (i rarely if ever do that) and Karla Homolka isn't on it anymore...which is good and bad...good because i heard enough about it and don't want to hear more, i feel for the families involved having it all over the place again....but bad because she's going to try to disappear from the public eye and live a normal life...frankly i think that's disgusting, i think we should all know exactly where she is. i don't care what you say about her consitutional right to freedom and all that bullshit, she lost that right over 12 years ago. that made me sick when she said she "didn't want people to worry about me living next to their children" i was like oh my fucking god you have to be shitting me!!...you don't want people to worry? well Kristen French's parents should have worried and Leslie Mahaffy's should have worried...for the love of fucking god her own parents should have worried...what kind of a person does that to their sister?! i mean shaye-bear and i don't get along well at times, but you don't see me luring her downstairs so my bf can drug and rape her and leave her to drown in a puddle of her own vomit. and the two other girls who didn't die (their names haven't been released) after assissting in the abduction and torture and murder of two teenage girls and then drugging and raping of her sister that lead to her death she wants to live a normal life? well tell that to Kristen and Leslie...they died! they don't get to live a normal life, they don't get to start over and try again. fucking makes me sick. you know i remember when that happened, what was i? 8 nearly 9...seems like yesterday, not 12 years...you know what the scary part really is? Karla has a new boyfriend, you know what he's been convicted of? killing his ex-girlfriend. firstly why in the hell would you want to date someone convicted of killing their ex? and oh cos now i feel so much safer! as some guy from the police said in the paper awhile ago "no one wins if she reoffends" and well...you know what...i think the chances just increased. fucking makes me sick. (for those who don't really know what i'm talking about...its a really big deal here cos it was local...but i'm sure it didn't even get a little corner in a paper in other places, here is the first site that came up when i goolged karla...seems like a nice little overview http://www.crimelibrary.com/serials/bernardo/bernmain.htm ...umm i just checked out the section on Kristen French...so i'm gonna rate this R cos they didn't hold much back...they describe a bit of the videos cos the sick fucks taped nearly everything)

ok so a more happy thought...i went to the movies with mika and neko! <3 we saw madagascar <3 cho kawaii! oh and the dirty thoughts i had...haha i love how you knew i was having them mika "just relax" ROFL here have a nibble...i'm a steak! me!mememememememememememe! good times...i also enjoyed our petting circle in subway...and how i got rid of 15$ in change..mostly quarters too <3 good times i luff you both muchly <3

ohohohohoh and today i found five bucks! go me...i threw some pants and a shirt in the dryer cos they were wrinkly and when i pulled them out a piece of blue-ish paper fell to the ground and i was like 'is that? no!' but it was! score $5! i'm not sure where it came from...i dont think it came from my pants...cos i don't remember having 5$ in them...for like ever...so i think it was already in the dryer and just got mixed in with my pants so that when i pulled them out it fell out! <3 go me w00t! i put it towards my watch <3 ok i think that's all from me now...for real this time <3 much luff to everyone who actually read it all <3


oh and i've had several comments about my current icon...see neko! i told you ppl would like it <3 i luff it muchly <3<3<3
don't feel like updating really...but i told kiniro_ryu that's i'd up some pics so that she can make me an icon (<3) so i come with some pics...i'll talk later when i feel like it....

psst under hereCollapse )

Hello everyone. I just got back from the hospital where I was visiting my Grandma. She had a heart attack Saturday morning. This was the first time I saw her, and I must say I feel a little better because now I know she's alright. Yesterday it really hit me how serious it was. I was at my Aunt Elyse's house (other side of the family then my Grandma) and Daphne, my four year old cousin, wanted to make a craft, so I decided that I would make cut out flowers for Grandma, since we're not allowed to bring real flowers into the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit). Daphne asked me why I was making flowers, and I don't like to lie to her, so I told her that my other Grandma was very sick and in the hospital. Daphne asked why she was sick, and I don't like to lie to her so I told her that my Grandma's heart stopped working, but the doctors had fixed it so it was working now. Then Daphne, being the fighteningly smart four year old she is, asked if my Grandma was dead when her heart stopped working. I hadn't thought about it like that and I wanted to cry, but I didn't because that would have upset Daphne. Today when I was visiting, when I first got there that was all I could think of and I thought I was going to cry. But I didn't.

Grandma is doing well, still herself. I was there for about two hours. She complained about the food, how absolutely horrid the coffee was and how the tea was the cheapest and crappiest tea she had ever had. She let me in on a little secret about how some of the nurses sneak her a pinch of salt for her food, and how one nurse gave her a little sugar and cream for her coffee. We talked about my Uncle Mark, who now is eating like a horse, which is a good thing. Since September he's lost over forty pounds and hadn't eaten anything worth mentioning for nearly three weeks. My Uncle Mark is really sick, he has lead poisoning (again, second or third time) and stomach cancer. How his liver is still operational is beyond me and probably a miracle. He actually really scares me and I don't like him at all, but that he is eating and the fact that he gained five pounds since his last hospital visit makes my Grandma so very happy, so it makes me happy that he is getting better (or appears to be). You know like three years ago they gave him less then three months to live? They keep saying that, but the man is like a cockroach, it seems nothing can kill him.

Work last night was the worst shift ever. Everything seemed to go wrong, and then the most annoying girl on the face of the planet was behind me. I had to listen to her for nearly my entire shift, I really wanted to be shot. Then a girl who has been working there longer than I have (which is everyone, but that's besides the point) said that she was really annoying, and I said "Oh good, I was afraid I was the only one who thought that!" And then the girl said that I'm the best of the new hires and that they're all stupid and she's always like 'wtf are they thinking?' But I'm not like that ^___________^ yay go me!

I'm supposed to be staying at my mom's house this week, well for four days, to watch her cat while she is away camping. I was going to stay here, but then my cousin Jen called and asked if I could babysit for her two days this week. I know she's desperate if she is calling me to babysit. I haven't sat for her in YEARS! Like since Tori was two and she is now like seven or eight. Jen just had another kid, Logun, so I guess that's who I'll be looking after, since Tori is in Port Dover with her grandma (my Aunt Leslie) as far as I know. I haven't looked after a baby in such a long time! Since Daphne was a baby, which was like three years ago. My little girl is all grown up *sniff sniff*. Right so, now that I have to go up to Jen's I think it'll be easier to be at home and just stop by here in the evenings. My mom said she'd get me some groceries, which she did....a box of granola bars and some yogurt and that's all. There is no food in her house whatsoever, so I'm feeling less guilty about leaving and stopping by in the evenings. Normally Peanut Butter (the cat) is really anti-social, but today she's been super friendly to me. It's kinda weird. Oh well that's her problem, I'll stop by for an hour or so each night. Yes that is what I'll do. I've decided.

Yea, that's about all I have to say right now I think. I'm just going to chill at my mom's house until my dad gets home from work and see if I can talk him into coming and getting me so I don't have to take the bus home. Plus I'm out of bus tickets ^^;;

i just went shopping in my brothers room...i found stuff i forgot i even owned at one point in time...a pair of shorts my mom forced me to wear a year ago that i hated and never even noticed went missing...brother's closet! jeans that i had almost thrown out a year ago that i couldn't find and didn't care cos i was going to get rid of them...brother's closet! i love shopping for my missing things in there *note sarcasm* excuse me while i go and disinfect all the things i found

oh i left shaye's stuff since she's gone for the summer...and my grad dress...cos like i'm ever going to wear it again.....

i'm gonna kill the mother fucker