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Yesterday I went to the Family Values show in Toronto with Donnie (a co-worker) and a friend of his. It was much fun (although a little disappointing). I even ran into Neko and Mika there! I was surprised by the number of Dir en grey fans there (which then all left after Dir en grey and the place quickly filled with Korn fans) It was very impressive~ (⌒∇⌒) So under the cut is my shitacular half-assed live report.

Family Values Tour 2006Collapse )

Yup, so that's it. Neko please remember to send me those pictures!~ And the ones from the park at our little picnic!~ See you all around.


[edit: sorry KiKi I went and took a shower after leaving that post >>;; or else I would have come on and told you all about it <33]
Today I spent twenty minutes after I came home from work trying to get up the stairs to my (Peter's) house. A mommy raccoon and her two babies were taking a nap/break in front of my door and wouldn't move no matter how much stupid ass crinkly noise I made or how much I made my cell phone make sounds. I called Peter and he just laughed at me and then said "Whatever you do, don't let them bite you, because there are many needles in the stomach that will follow and they're painful. Raccoons are aggressive, especially with their babies." Made me feel so much better, and I knew all of that, which is why I'm afraid of them! *sigh* So eventually I thought they left and came into the house. They didn't leave, they're still chillaxin' on the fire escape. Bastards. That's my story.

Peter should be bringing back my piece to my computer that I need to put in my new 80 GB hard drive. Maybe he'll be back before I go to bed? I wouldn't count on it at all. But I really REALLY want a working computer. Badly. I'm on Peter's right now. I also want some chocolate, but there isn't any in the house and I'm too afraid to go back outside.

Hey all, I'm just sitting at Peter's dad's place. I'm supposed to be backing up my laptop files but the hard drive is so dead that Peter's dad's computer can't read it most of the time. Tomorrow I'm going to have to go out and buy a new one so that I can have a working computer. However, by the looks of it I've lost over 1/2 of my music files, which includes my ~complete~ Dir en grey discography (-.-) along with some video files that I wanted. Hopefully Peter's dad will be able to recover them for me!

Today I made my first e-bay purchase. I bought Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, a game my brother and I play all the time. We really love it. I'm super excited to get it and start to play it on my new hard drive thingy...that works....hopefully. Back to the hard drive, I think I'm going to get an 80GB cos the place where we buy computer stuff has a 60GB for 95$ and an 80GB for 115$ (not including taxes) so for the extra 20$ I can get another 20 GB, sounds good to me. With a little luck I'll have The Sims 2 running on it by tomorrow and AoW Shadow Magic by the end of the month! (Myabe sooner? The guy I bought from is apparently a super duper quick shipper. *prays*)

So when I get a functioning computer my first order of business will be to find bittorrents of complete discograhy's again. w00t. Sucks arse that most of my music is a bit more difficult to find >.< Hey, anyone want to help me refind my mp3s? I'll be looking for [FIGURe:]'s discography (yes all four songs), any A9 I can get ahold of, among a whole bunch of other stuff. (Don't worry Mika I saved all my Kagrra, lol, I managed to get a good chunk of it off before my hard drive totally died on me *still praying Peter's dad will work some magic and make it work again.)

Anywho...I just took a break to Subway and ate a sub. It was pretty good. Not very much lettus on it and I had to ask the girl to put on more onion. I mean come on, veggies are the cheapest thing on the face of the planet and its all I'm getting on this stupid sandwich! Geez. Oh FYI I'm now a veggie. No more meat for hino. It makes me so ill that its not worth eating and being sick for a day or so. Plus the smell and look of it makes me want to hurl.

Peter is still going hardcore at his robot in a ball thing-a-mig-jig. I have the feeling that we're gonna be here until like 2 am so I'm going to find something else to do......

see ya around,

God I feel like shit. I had to go home sick from work. My head is THROBING and my stomach feels like its tearing itself apart. Aside from that.....

AN is coming up like a bat out of hell. There is still a shit load of stuff to do. We (KiKi and I) need to work like mofos, like crazy ass mofos. Well, I guess in the grand scheme of things we actually have a lot done, just the finishing touches, but we only have two days to do it all in.

Today I took the bus up to see KiKi. It was a very interesting experience. I was sitting there on the bus and this guy asks me if I have a pen and I did so I said yes and gave it to him. He sat there scribbling on a little piece of paper and I looked over to see how my pen was doing because it was brand spanking new and cost me like a whole two dollars and I really wanted it back and he looked at me and kept scribbling. I just kept looking out the window, because that's what I do on the bus. And then he hands the pen back to me, but now with a piece of paper wrapped around it. I looked at it for a second and was 'OMG! He so did not just do this!' So I pretended not to notice and shoved it in my purse and spent the rest of the ride trying not to look at him and laugh out loud, since that would be mean. When I got to KiKi's I pulled it out and this is what it said, exactly what it says.

if you ever want to meet
a nice you can call the #
if not maybe you should
think twice :D

And sure enough on the back there was his number and his name (which is Joe). I'm still a little flabergasted, I didn't think anyone actually did that...I'm surprised there weren't check boxes saying Do you like me? Check yes or no! Like o.O

Yes, so anyways, KiKi and I walked up to Starbucks and sat there. We were supposed to be writing, but nothing was accomplished >>;; excpet that we re-drew the names for the story we will be writing while KiKi is in Japan. After that we walked over to Zellers and then back home. *nods*

Oh yes, a reminder for KiKi: YOU WILL PERFECT THAT TURN IF IT IS THE LAST THING YOU DO!!! Haha, I know we took that turn out, but I still wanted to say it. *makes hardcore hino face* We were so productive today! What a random day of productivity!

I wanted to dye my hair again tonight, but it just didn't go down that way, so it'll have to wait about a week, but the upside of waiting is that I'll get to bleach it again before dying it. I wanted it to look good for Jolene's (my cousin) stag and doe tomorrow...cos it looks like ass right now >>;;

Hmmm I don't remember what else I was going to say in this. It will come to me later I guess....so that's all for now folks!~

Choose your favorite top ten bands. Post them on your journal and have your friends guess your second favorite member in each band. Tag 5 people afterwards.

01. Dir en grey
02. Nightmare
03. Kagrra,
04. [FIGURe:]
05. Ayabie
06. Trax
07. Vidoll
08. Gazette
09. Glay
10. DBSK

Tagging: whoever feels like it....KiKi must!
Hey guess what! My bum sweats just as much as KiKi's!! We tested! Isn't that HOT?! We thought so!


I have an exam tomorrow, I'm going to fail it. I don't care. I have an exam the next day. If I don't prepare for it tomorrow (should really do that tonight) I will fail it. I just don't care. I hate school. It sucks ass. It should die.

My illness is leaving, long story short, I had parasites they are dead, my typhoid carrier test is still pending and I have an ultrasound in June to make sure my liver is working. I'm tried of being ill and I would like to have been better three months ago. I KILLED PERRY!

Today instead of studying I went for all you can eat sushi and then out for a bit shopping. I bought the most amazing shoes. Let me show you...

my shoes!Collapse )
Hello everyone, I know it's been forever and like ten days, but yes I am alive. There is really nothing new with me, aside from my illness, which I will discuss shortly. So yes, school sucks and I'm probably failing all my classes since I haven't been to them. I need to go tomorrow and start the research for my essay, but I am highly unmotivated. Tonight we are having pork for dinner and I am excited about it.

So I'm still ill after going to Cuba. Yes, I know it's been almost two months. Well, since I last spoke with you my strep, mono, thyroid, iron, and other tests came back normal. In the discovery that all these things were not wrong with me my family doctor told me to go home and sleep it off. I then told her I already sleep 20 hours a day and that there was something wrong with me. So she said I could have contracted Hepatitis A from the water, but she tested my B12 levels, which I assume came back normal, I don't know though because she never told me. Shortly after that I went to the hospital and was recommended to a doctor that specializes in travel medicine. I went to him and he had a ton of tests done, the royal sampler, and took four vials of my blood. Yesterday I went back to my stupid family doctor who told me that even if I caught something, or a parasite in Cuba it would have worked its way out of my system by now. FYI if I had a parasite it wouldn't work its way out of my system, it'd get comfy and grow larger. She then proceeded to tell me it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me. I was very unimpressed. Today I had an appointment with the specialist travel doctor and to make a long story short he actually cared that I was ill and went through my test results. It looks like I mostly likely have a type of parasite that is living in my lower bowel. He's not 100% since there isn't a practical method of testing, but he gave me drugs that if I have this parasite will clear it up and if I don't wont do anything. In five days I call him back and see how I'm doing, if I'm not better he'll send me to an ID doctor that will figure out what's wrong with me. However, just to be sure he is checking me for Hep A again (second or third time) because it has a 60 days incubation period and my 60 days is in a week and a bit, and on top of that he's checking out my liver and spleen stuff again because my slpeen can be felt and is tender. Apparently that's not a good sign, but it could be nothing.

That's my story, I'm alive, I have a parasite most likely. Hopefully now I will get better.

I just got this email in my inbox saying:

Hey hinotama85,
Your mutual friend x_toraneko_x has noticed that you last updated your journal
on LiveJournal 3 weeks ago. Be a friend and go post.

The LiveJournal team

So I thought I'd wander over here and update everyone.

I am very ill. I've been very ill for many weeks, three in fact. Tomorrow I should get some of the test results back. When I know whats wrong with me, you'll know. They're testing for strep throat, mono, iron levels, something else, white blood cells, viral infections and they made me pee in a cup to make sure there isn't anything growing in my bladder. Fun eh? Yes, well with luck I'll be feeling better soon. I hope it isn't mono, that wouldn't be good. >.<

Yes. Last night at like 1:45 Michelle Peter and I went grocery shopping. It was much fun and I great look forward to Michelle making that yummy rice and chicken and stuff dish for me. I like food. I really like when it doesn't upset my tummy --.--

Yes, so now my mutal friend x_toraneko_x knows what's up with me, so I'm going to go and try to read the remaining 300 pages for that book that I have an essay due on Wednesday for...or I'll just go to bed and try to read and start writing it tomorrow. I think plan b is more likely to happen.

Hello everyone, I got back late last night from Cuba! It was alright. Our plane was delayed leaving Toronto, which was annoying, and then once we were in the air we were delayed again because of the weather or something of that sort. Anyways, we did not get to our hotel rooms until 6 in the morning. The next day was annoying since it was New Years and we were tired and irritable and people (and many, many, many children) ran around making loud noises and being stupid.

We were a little disappointed with the resort, my dad was there two weeks ago and return guests are supposed to have VIP treatment, a special arm band, you don't have to wait in the insanely long line to book the a la carte dinners, a fruit basket in the rooms, a bottle of rum, some shirts that say "special guest" etc. My dad had to ask for the arm band, there was not anything in our rooms, we waited in line for two and a half hours to make a la carte reservations and well none of the stuff that was supposed to happen did. We didn't really care that much, I mean people make mistakes and it had only been two weeks since my dad had been there. But then when a friend who works there found out, she called over and told them what was going on, so she took my dad over there and the stupid little PR guy started making excuses and how it was our fault, the people who booked the trip's fault etc and that made my dad really angry. He told the guy that he sat in front of him in that very room two weeks ago and said he'd be back with his kids in two weeks. Well whatever, doesn't really matter, besides that it was the only reason why we went back to that resort and forked over the extra money since we could have gone to the one next door and saved at least a grand. But whatever.

I went with my sister on a trip, we went snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. We spent a significant portion of our trip comparing it to the trip we took to Mexico. Swim with Dolphins was much different, they were less organized, the trainer wasn't in the water, it was different. You had to pay to do tricks with the dolphins, so we didn't, since we had swam with dolphins in Mexico. We swam with a dolphin named Tornado, he was massive. That was one of the first things I told Shaye-Bear, that they were significantly larger then the ones in Mexico, and for good reason. The ones we swam with in Mexico were two years old and being trained for movies and stuff. Tornado was 18! He was older than Shaye-Bear! And about 450 lbs! So overall that was a good trip.

The other thing I was supposed to do was go to Santiago, which was a 13 hours day trip, where we would go and see where Fidel was born and grew up, see a rum factory and Revolutionary Square. It was going to be very historical and that was supposed to be my big trip for the week. (My brother went on an ecological tour for like 6 hours or something like that.) So at 6:45 in the morning we were up, ate at 7:25 (breakfast opened at 7:30 when we were supposed to be in the lobby, so we had to eat fast). In the lobby we waited and waited and waited, 7:30 came and went and then it was 7:45, which wasn't a big deal. Cuban time bothers me, but whatever. (Everyone just gets there when they do, sometimes they're an hour late and no one really cares.) And then a bunch of other tour buses came and left and all the guides (I asked every single one) kept saying that another bus was coming for my brother and myself. so at 9:30, two hours later, we went and talked with the tour company representitive and he called the company's head office and they said it was in the computer, that it had been a large your and everyone but four people (BJ and I and two other people from another resort) spoke Italian and the tour guide they had sent didn't speak English, so they had sent a little van for the four and we would go alone. Except that they never showed up and they couldn't reach the driver on the two way radio and they never showed up. They asked if we wanted to rebook the trip, but we were leaving the next day so they gave us back our money and that was that. I didn't get to go. I was very disappointed. v.v

Besides that we went snorkelling off the beach, which was cool, went on a two hour horseback ride up to some caves and saw some cool stuff. The countryside was pretty, we went to Gibara which was really cool, nice old buildings. We got to see a CUC store. Overall it was a pretty good trip I guess. Yup.

(for neko)
Lesson of the Week: NO ONE looks good in a speedo!! *shudder*

Well that's about all for me for now I guess. Mika and KiKi are still at the con in the States. I'm going to take a nap I think.

hello everyone, i'm back again. just a quick update before i take a nap and study hardcore for my Vietnam exam >>;; *sigh* anyways....

i went to the emergency room last night, peter talked me into going, he thinks that if it hurts to breath for several days that there might be something wrong, on top of the fact he was kinda freaked out by my sticky-outtie rib thing. anyways three hours and a bit in the ER discovered that i am asymmetrical and i now have it on a Dr's opinion that i am odd. doesn't explain the pain, but they're having a radiologist look at the x-rays today to see if there was anything on them that the dr missed last night. i have to say x-rays are very very cool! peter and i got to see inside me!! *is fascinated* it was all like...coolness. yes i am getting a university education, yet my vocabulary does not extend beyond "coolness" >>;;

must sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey everyone,

It's been forever and several days, and for that I am sorry. Everytime I went to update something came up that had to be done right then and I've been so busy lately. School has kept me going and then some v.v On a good note I'm going to Cuba just after Christmas! I'm a little excited, but I still wish we were going at another time so that I could go to the con with KiKi and Mika-chan v.v Oh and I accidently told my mom that my dad is in Cuba right now, so she's royally pissed (she didn't know) and that does not bode well for any of us v.v;; my bad *slinks away* I'm supposed to go tomorrow to Lyndsay and pick up my brother, but they're calling for about a foot of snow, so I don't know if that will happen and he'll just be stuck up there for another couple days. Ok and now I must go and prepare 64 terms and memorize them so that I can answer the THREE the prof will put on the exam *dies*

i just got back from the viewing for my uncle mark. it was terrible. i was the first one there and i waited in the parking lot for someone i knew. my mom eventually came with my brother. as soon as i saw mark i started to cry and i've hardly stopped since. my grandma was doing much better today i'm told. she was crying when she came in and it made me cry more because i just feel so bad for her. after a bit she settled down and started to fuss over him. arranging all the pictures in the casket, she brought in the monkey he gave her when she was in the hospital and put it in with him. he had said it reminded him of molly (my grandma's dog) so he bought it for her so she could have molly in the hospital with her. so now mark can have molly too. she made sure his hair was done nicely and wasn't in his face and that the flowers were all arranged properly and that the rosary was laying just right. i'm crying just thinking about watching her do it and i have to stop because beatrice and daphne will be home in three minutes and i have to make dinner fast and get them off to the gym for gymnastics. i know i'll be worse tomorrow at mass.

haikusCollapse )
found a haiku creator...good times...i've fallen off the face of the planet, and i will again for five days while i babysit for my aunt while she and her husband are in NYC. sunday, at work, i got a phone call from my mom's boyfriend, he said that my uncle mark was rushed to the hospital and that the priest had been called, he wouldn't make it through the night. he didn't, he died early monday morning. the funeral is on friday. my mom seems to be ok, i haven't seen my grandma, but i can't imagine her taking it well. you're not supposed to bury your children, and this is her second son she's had to bury. life isn't fair.

hello all...again! being all updatey the last few days. let me see.

on thursday i went to Bonnie's farwell party, it was a lot of fun. hung out with Lisa and Angela, we ate pie, and then another pie. good times were had. krista drove me home that night and that too was fun. a reoccuring theme lol.

ummm...Peter (the bf) lala and i went to albion falls yesterday, much fun was had lol ^____________^ it was a really good walk, not too cold, but it wasn't super hot (or really warm lol) and its rained a lot lately, so there was actually a lot of water at the falls...i hadn't been there in sooooooo long!!
we should go soon guys!! (<- being KiKi and mika! <3)

ohhhhh! new layout!! THANK YOU SO MUCH NEKO AND MIKA!!! isn't it lovely?! i <3 it times 9837520893759028437598274387560324875902837587926357643923645857! yes, that much. *nods* now i just need to think of what to insert instead of "title" and "text text text" i'm so indecisive!!! gah!

pictures!! from the photoshoot...not all of them...just a couple that i thought turned out really well! under the cut for everyone's sanity!

pictures!!Collapse )

quizCollapse )

ok, yes i am stil alive. it's been awhile, school had kept me busy. now let's see whats new and worth mentioning. umm so not much haha. school is going, i hate 8:30 classes. i hate long breaks (on one right now....four hours) assignments such ass. i'm hungry....i brought breakfast and i'm going to have to buy lunch because i simply can't survive on granola bars for every meal every day...as much as i'd like to.

last Sunday neko, jenna, KiKi, mika and i went and took some pictures at a church downtown, they turned out really well <3<3<3 much fun was had...we got sooo many strange stares! i think everyone liked the hat we made the night before...it turned out really really well!! we have plans for a picnic next wednesday, hopefully it will be warm and sunny out! i'll show pics of sunday's outting whenever i get them.

yea, so see i'm a boring person...i haven't updated in like a month and that's all i have....nothing. i swear i'm trying to work on shinya! i'm trying very hard!! so everyone will have to be just a little more patient!

ok, so really i have nothing else to mention here. *blink blink* kiki and mika, are we getting together tomorrow after work to sew? i'll plan on it, so inform me if there are any more developments. *nods* oh and kiki i grabbed your hours...i'll email them right now.


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ok two things quick

1. heather are you reading this? cos you should be!!

2. Robyn are you reading this? cos you should be!!

ok, i wanted to do this last night...but i decided sleep was more important. so here i am. now lets see if i remember everything.

last night mika and i went to the asian mart and discovered the greatness that is snow pea crisps. they're actually really really good and strangely addicting. i purchased some lovely coffee cookies and next time i might even try the unmarked red box lol. mika picked up some chocolates that had red stuff on them...turned out to be cranberry and really really really good!! *nods* anyways, after our excursion there we bused it back to my house and put on the suicide club. omg that movie is on fucking crack. the first like maybe 40 mins were scary and mika and i huddled under the blankets in fear. ghosts, human flesh sewn together into a hose-like rolls, creepy bags that moved on their own...about 1/2 way through i think the director forgot what the hell he was doing...yea, right around the rocky horror-esque musical interlude. like wtf. but we watched all of it...and were like where the hell did the ghosts go?! erm what's with the rocky horror wannabes? and please do explain why the morning misume ripoff pre-teen girl pop group is evil and making 57 school girls jump in front of a subway train. so at the end mika and i were like well maybe if we understood what they were saying we'd know what was happening...we looked up a review and it turns out that they thought the EXACT same thing as i did...including the comparison to Rocky Horror Picture Show...so yes on crack. here is the link for the reveiw if you're interested. http://www.midnighteye.com/reviews/suicclub.shtml

yes so even though the movie suckes ass sorta...ok so yea it did suck ass...it was still creepy walking back from the bus stop at 11:30 by myself, but i survived and no asian men dressed in something frankenfurter-esque with bleached hair kiddnapped me and put me in a white bag in a bowling alley with random animals, where they proceeded to pretend to rape some random girl and kill her all while being serenaded by frankenfurter and his band. yes, see i told you it was on crack. they should of stuck with the ghosts in the hospital...it had potential at the beginning.

umm yes. so i have no idea whats going on tonight. mika if you're reading this...call me (unless of course you either have or tonight has already gone down lol) kiki's at work and i told her to call us at your place. cos i think that's where i'll be. since i'm not sure what we're doing or where we are going. i'll just prepare for all possibilites and bring stuff in case we go out (i think kiki mentioned billy bob's...it should be pack, first weekend back) and stuff in case i end up sleeping somewhere that isn't my place. yes. ok. good. ja!

slang kiki found...posting so that a friend can see it <3

slang 101 kiki is your teacherCollapse )