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slang kiki found...posting so that a friend can see it <3

1. Blang (n.) –> Bling that you used to own, then had to pawn or sell to friends to raise cash. “See all that bling he’s wearing? That’s my blang.”

2. Crunkassed-out (adj.) –> A variant of “crunk,” or “crazy-drunk,” this phrase means “crazy, drunk, and passed out.” “Everybody in the club get crunk! Then, later, we’ll get crunkassed-out!”

3. Espressanto (n.) –> The strange, universal, multilingual pidgin language spoken in coffee shops. “I’ll have a tall skinny low-fat with legs - oh, wait. No, that’s not right. Sorry, I’m not very fluent in Espressanto.”

4. Fizzizzled (v.) –> When a slang term has outlived its usefulness. “For shizzle has totally fizzizzled.” (Ok, wtf does ‘for shizzle mean anyway?)

5. Gold-Pressed Latinum (n.) –> Highly specific Star Trek slang used to describe nerds who wear too much bling. “Get a load of Pointdexter! Where you going with all that Gold-pressed Latinum, booooyyy?”

6. Grabajamma (adj.) –> Awesome, exciting. “You want to go see Star Wars Episode III?” “Do I? Grabajamma! Grabajamma!”

7. Grabagramma (adj.) –> Meaning, roughly, ‘Let’s include our Grandmother in this activity.’ “You want to go see Star Wars Episode III?” “Do I? Grabajamma! Grabagramma!”

8. He-yotch (n.) –> The male variant of bee-yotch. “Yo, what’s up, he-yotch? No, not you Linda.”

9. Hit that like an elevator close door button (phrase, imperative) –> To attempt something repeatedly and pointlessly. “See those two beautiful women who are totally out of our league?” “Yeah! Let’s hit that like an elevator close-door button!”

10. I don’t think you’re prepared for my preserves (taunt) –> Beyonce-influenced pickup line for apron-wearing women in their 80's. “Sonny, can you handle this? I don’t think you can handle this. I don’t think you’re prepared for my preserves.”

11. It’s all God (summation) –> Christian response to “It’s all good.” “Dude, I fell off my bike, broke both my legs, got fired from my job for being late, and lost my girlfriend to a man who wasn’t in traction. But it’s all God, man. It’s aaaalll God.”
12. Ladle it (challenge) –> Roughly equivalent to “Bring it on.” “This guy knocked into me at a bar, and he’s all like, ‘What?’ and I’m all like, ‘What?’ and he’s all like, ‘You want a piece of me?’ and I’m all like, ‘Ladle it!’”

13. Matzoh-balling (n. And v.) –> Sexual relations that are unleavened by pleasure. “The weekend was okay. We spent it at the cottage, matzoh-balling.”

14. Shake it like a digital camera (interj.) –> Pointless, fruitless, of no benefit. “You’re going to fight a parking ticket? Well, shake it like a digital camera, he-yotch.”

15. Skinnee (adj.) –> A variant of ‘skinny,’ meant to replace the obsolete ‘phat,’ in order to reflect slang’s new, healthier low-crab lifestyle. “Mum, you make some skinnee soy-tatoes!”

16. Spelunk’d (adj.) –> To be the victim of an elaborate prank that takes place inside a naturally occurring cave. “Yo, Wilmer Valderrama! Put down those pitons, dog! You’ve been spelunk’d!”

17. Supercalibootylicious (adj.) –> Used to praise the physique of an Englishwoman in a petticoat. Dude, your Grandma is totally supercalibootylicious!” 0.o

18. Swagged out (adj.) To be covered from head to toe in promotional tie-in clothing obtained for free. Movie Critic 1: “Dude, nice Banff hat. That totally matches your Constantine windbreaker. Y’all are swagged out.” Movie Critic 2: “Ladle it!”

19. That’s how I stop, drop, and roll (phrase, descriptive) –> Variant of “that’s how I roll,” but specifically referring to how you handle yourself while also on fire. “Man, I can’t believe you stood up to that guy with the kerosene.” “Hey, that’s how I stop, drop, and roll. AAAAAAGHHH!!!!”

20. Trump’n (adj.) –> To be rich, successful, powerful, and still look ridiculous, a la Donald Trump. “That poodle might be worth $8-million, but wearing that tiara and cape he’s totally Trump’n.”

21. Walken (adj.) –> To be freakin’ nuts; crazy; a la Christopher Walken. “Yo, did you check out the example of how to use Trump’n? That was totally Walken.”
duuude...Hit that like an elevator close door button is awesome and i shall endeavor to utilize its awesomeness as much as i can XD

ooo hino...i recall you have Malice Mizer's Discography yes?...would you happen to have the following singles?:

Bel Air ~Kuhaku no toki no naka de~ de l'image
Saikai no Chi to Bara
Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo

they are the only ones im missing now...and if you have them and can ul i would lurve you forever *clings*
yes, i do. i'll have to look up whats on each single, but i'll get on it tomorrow *nods*

i can tell you whats on them :D

Bel Air ~Kuhaku no toki no naka de~ de l'image (single ver)
Saikai no Chi to Bara (single ver)
Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo (single ver)
Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo (instrumental)
^_^ that's interesting! XD
lol they're too funny <3

LOL, glad you like them. Haha, you can all thank my Mum for the golden find. ^^