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ok, i wanted to do this last night...but i decided sleep was more important. so here i am. now lets see if i remember everything.

last night mika and i went to the asian mart and discovered the greatness that is snow pea crisps. they're actually really really good and strangely addicting. i purchased some lovely coffee cookies and next time i might even try the unmarked red box lol. mika picked up some chocolates that had red stuff on them...turned out to be cranberry and really really really good!! *nods* anyways, after our excursion there we bused it back to my house and put on the suicide club. omg that movie is on fucking crack. the first like maybe 40 mins were scary and mika and i huddled under the blankets in fear. ghosts, human flesh sewn together into a hose-like rolls, creepy bags that moved on their own...about 1/2 way through i think the director forgot what the hell he was doing...yea, right around the rocky horror-esque musical interlude. like wtf. but we watched all of it...and were like where the hell did the ghosts go?! erm what's with the rocky horror wannabes? and please do explain why the morning misume ripoff pre-teen girl pop group is evil and making 57 school girls jump in front of a subway train. so at the end mika and i were like well maybe if we understood what they were saying we'd know what was happening...we looked up a review and it turns out that they thought the EXACT same thing as i did...including the comparison to Rocky Horror Picture Show...so yes on crack. here is the link for the reveiw if you're interested. http://www.midnighteye.com/reviews/suicclub.shtml

yes so even though the movie suckes ass sorta...ok so yea it did suck ass...it was still creepy walking back from the bus stop at 11:30 by myself, but i survived and no asian men dressed in something frankenfurter-esque with bleached hair kiddnapped me and put me in a white bag in a bowling alley with random animals, where they proceeded to pretend to rape some random girl and kill her all while being serenaded by frankenfurter and his band. yes, see i told you it was on crack. they should of stuck with the ghosts in the hospital...it had potential at the beginning.

umm yes. so i have no idea whats going on tonight. mika if you're reading this...call me (unless of course you either have or tonight has already gone down lol) kiki's at work and i told her to call us at your place. cos i think that's where i'll be. since i'm not sure what we're doing or where we are going. i'll just prepare for all possibilites and bring stuff in case we go out (i think kiki mentioned billy bob's...it should be pack, first weekend back) and stuff in case i end up sleeping somewhere that isn't my place. yes. ok. good. ja!

awww i liked suicide club....and rolly especially XD
i liked it up to the rocky horror musical interlude...then i was like wtf if happening?! erm...actually did you know what was happening? we didn't have subtitles...so we were really lost...i'd like to have an idea of what was going on lol ^^;;

heh i watched with subtitles and i still didnt really get what was happening XD

i think essentially its supposed to be about disconnection in society...as for rolly, hes kind of a charles manson sort of figure *shrugs* i think alot of the themes/images in the movie are kind of specific to japanese society and culture which may make it a little more difficult for a western audience to interpret..

i guess im not being too helpful XD

psst...you have kagrra and malice mizer for me yes? *clings*
crap i knew i was forgetting to do something!!*hits head off table* ok, really i will upload it at school tomorrow. i really am forgetful so if i ever say i'll get you something don't hesitate to give me a kick, i wont think you're rude lol <3<3<3 ok, no i lied...i'll upload them now while watching lain! yes.

its ok XD

heyy if you come on AIM right now you can send them to me since i just got home :3