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ok two things quick

1. heather are you reading this? cos you should be!!

2. Robyn are you reading this? cos you should be!!

i am neither heather nor robyn, but i read it ^.^ did you go see JET and Nova today? i did ^.^ from talking to the reps, i like Nova better. my mom said she met some ppl somewhere (i forget where) who went to teach english in Japan and she said she would find out who they went with. hope to have that info for you and KiKi soon ^______^

goodnesss we'll have to get together and discuss that soon! i didn't speak with a nova rep cos there wasn't one there...so i only talked with jet.

lol mika i didn't go to class this morning....and want to hear a funny story...i didn't go to night class last night either....i ended up hanging out with peter and then he was like well seeing how neither of us is doing work, how about we go for some bubble tea. so we did, and there we played guess who, connect four and skip-bo haha! much fun was had!

that's sad that there wasn't a rep there when you were there v.v the woman i talked to was really nice ^.^ actually, both reps i talked to were nice ^.^

lol. you're funny hino-chan ^.^ how'd you end up hooking up with Peter? (blue-haired bus guy, right? or is there another Peter i'm forgetting?) sounds like you had fun anyway ^.^ are you staying for KiKi's night class tomorrow?

nope blue haired guy and Peter are one and the same <3 he's so funny!! this is how it went down:

he added me to msn and sunday night we talked and exchanged music for several hours (or so like until nearly 3am) and then on monday i was going to the psychology building and i ran into him and he was going to get something to eat, i said i was going to class. he asked which one, i told him, he said maybe he'd come and sit in on it. so i went into PC (or Pb) and saw that my class was moved to HH and said fuck that shit, i'm not walking over there...so i sat and did work in Pb and then Peter showed up and we chatted for like an hour. then he was like 'so since we're obviously doing work, how about you show me the bubble tea place you told me about' so we walked to QQs and he bought me bubble tea <3<3<3 we played games and were dorks, much fun was had. talked to him again on msn when i got home and he asked what i was doing today, so we hung out in his office for nearly two hours with some of his PhD student office buddies and then we walked me to the bus stop and sat with me while i waited for my bus. and tomorrow we're meeting up at 2:30 in Pb (its the only building he knows lol) until i come and meet you guys at like 6 ish...

yea so its been like insane! i've known him for five days but it feels like FOREVER...its werid...he's such a dork (in a good way) haha <3<3 anyways i'll talk to you tomorrow...well today now. i'm dressing goth!

well, have fun ^.^ if you get bored in the psych building, i'll be hanging out in the student center from 2:30 on..... see you later then ^.^

oh amber-lee i indeed am reading this... i being heather..crazy bubble tea girl from the great sobeys cash lines.
goodness!! haha want to hear a funny story? i had class at 8:30...its now 10:30 and i just woke up! huzzah for sleeping through classes!!

sleeping through classes is always grand!
I'm so sorry Miss Hino, and Miss Mika if you see this post :( I am around, just been having a shitty go since this weekend

I'm so sorry for being missing in action, not only is my kitty Tinkerbell gone this weekend, I just found out tonight that my last remaining loved kitty Boo is gone too, gone to join his sisters.

I'm just really happy to have been lucky enough to meet such sweet girls like you :) you didn't have to but you accepted me right away, that has really made happy in such a crappy time.

Good luck tomorrow Hino :D *goes off to make a yay hino sign*

Robyn aka Robbs
awwww *pets* i'm sorry to hear about your neko-chans again v.v that is very sad

yay for yay hino signs!! that is soo cool! you are so cool! are you not coming to class (x2) tomorrow? i'm not going to the second one...screw that shit man.

thanks for the luck, see you around!

when's your presentation for Takagaki? did you do it already? you're becoming as bad as me for skipping classes! Sophie's gonna kill us if she ever finds out, lol!

hi Robbs!!!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! that's so sad about your kitties!!!! *hugs lots* it's no fun at all when you lose pets v.v

and i really have to say something: YATTA! YOU'RE USING ONE OF MY ICONS!!!! ^______^ i don't usually see that, lol ^.^' though hino and KiKi use them sometimes ^.^

awwwwwwww! you think we're sweet? that's so nice! ^.^

hope to see you soon!

i meant to mention that i put it there ^^;; haha

lol! ^.^

yay sexy boi!!

and ya know what Mika, I like your icon muchly!! I want to keep that pretty boi if that's okies, display him proudly ^_^ hehe
i'm glad you like it ^.^ i have no problem with you using my icons! i have too many for me to use ^.^' *points to icon* also Miyabi ^.^

hey mika i don't remember if i told you...but the link for those pics are in my inbox....sign in and get 'em whenever you like...well within the next four days....cos then they'll die v.v

i got them! thanks ^.^