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i just got back from the viewing for my uncle mark. it was terrible. i was the first one there and i waited in the parking lot for someone i knew. my mom eventually came with my brother. as soon as i saw mark i started to cry and i've hardly stopped since. my grandma was doing much better today i'm told. she was crying when she came in and it made me cry more because i just feel so bad for her. after a bit she settled down and started to fuss over him. arranging all the pictures in the casket, she brought in the monkey he gave her when she was in the hospital and put it in with him. he had said it reminded him of molly (my grandma's dog) so he bought it for her so she could have molly in the hospital with her. so now mark can have molly too. she made sure his hair was done nicely and wasn't in his face and that the flowers were all arranged properly and that the rosary was laying just right. i'm crying just thinking about watching her do it and i have to stop because beatrice and daphne will be home in three minutes and i have to make dinner fast and get them off to the gym for gymnastics. i know i'll be worse tomorrow at mass.

thank you johnny, i really need that right now *hug*

I am sending you all the love and hugs i can Hino, if you EVER need to talk you know I'm here, you are such a wonderl girl, and i am so happy to have you in my life. Looking forward to giving you real hugs as i know how painfula death can be, especially sudden.

you are a sweetheart^_^
I think this calls for pie.
*SUPER BIG HUGS for both you and your grandma* Call me if you need anything at all.