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hello everyone, i'm back again. just a quick update before i take a nap and study hardcore for my Vietnam exam >>;; *sigh* anyways....

i went to the emergency room last night, peter talked me into going, he thinks that if it hurts to breath for several days that there might be something wrong, on top of the fact he was kinda freaked out by my sticky-outtie rib thing. anyways three hours and a bit in the ER discovered that i am asymmetrical and i now have it on a Dr's opinion that i am odd. doesn't explain the pain, but they're having a radiologist look at the x-rays today to see if there was anything on them that the dr missed last night. i have to say x-rays are very very cool! peter and i got to see inside me!! *is fascinated* it was all like...coolness. yes i am getting a university education, yet my vocabulary does not extend beyond "coolness" >>;;

must sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

O.o yeah, i would have to agree that it is not a good thing if it hurts to breathe, especially for several days.... good call on going to see the doctor (even though they are evil >>) asthma huh? my sibs have that. did they give you a puffer (as they so cutely call them >>) yay for ventilen and beclovent (two words that i just completely murdered, i know ><)

lol! what made the doctor decide that you were odd?

yay for x-rays and vocabularies that don't extend very far after writing damn stupid exams >><< i will be impressed if my vocab is higher than kindergarten level after Wednesday @.@

have a nice nap! and good luck on your Vietnam exam (it's tomorrow, right?)

no, no i don't have asthma, my rib cage is asymmetrical, which is why i am odd, because i somehow between birth and now bent one of my rib cages and never noticed. they have no idea why i hurt, but a couple of advil makes it stop for a few hours....yup nam is tomorrow, and i had a great nap!

O.o where did i get asthma? i must have been really tired or something >>;

lol! that is kinda strange... oh well, as long as it's not what is causing the problems.

i hope they figure out what is causing it soon so they can do something about it.

glad your nap was good ^.^ and good luck on the exam tomorrow ^.^

this entry made me smile.

I hope you feel much better soon! much hugs and kisses! *heartheart*
hello neko-chan!! i haven't seen or spoken to you in eons!! i miss you <3<3<3

awe i miss you too Hino-dear!!!! <33