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I just got this email in my inbox saying:

Hey hinotama85,
Your mutual friend x_toraneko_x has noticed that you last updated your journal
on LiveJournal 3 weeks ago. Be a friend and go post.

The LiveJournal team

So I thought I'd wander over here and update everyone.

I am very ill. I've been very ill for many weeks, three in fact. Tomorrow I should get some of the test results back. When I know whats wrong with me, you'll know. They're testing for strep throat, mono, iron levels, something else, white blood cells, viral infections and they made me pee in a cup to make sure there isn't anything growing in my bladder. Fun eh? Yes, well with luck I'll be feeling better soon. I hope it isn't mono, that wouldn't be good. >.<

Yes. Last night at like 1:45 Michelle Peter and I went grocery shopping. It was much fun and I great look forward to Michelle making that yummy rice and chicken and stuff dish for me. I like food. I really like when it doesn't upset my tummy --.--

Yes, so now my mutal friend x_toraneko_x knows what's up with me, so I'm going to go and try to read the remaining 300 pages for that book that I have an essay due on Wednesday for...or I'll just go to bed and try to read and start writing it tomorrow. I think plan b is more likely to happen.

aww poor Hino :(

I was testing this new nudge button and mika said to try it on herself but it only lets you use it on peopl ewho havent updated in a long time~~so now we know how it works >>;; sorry about that i didn't think you would mind lol.

love you Hino!! hope you feel better soon :)
lol of course i didn't mind neko, i thought it was kinda funny <3<3<3

thank you, i hope i feel better soon too!

*hugs* hino-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope the doctors find out what's wrong and give you something to make it right again!!!!!!

that nudge button is strange @.@

*hugs again*

I hope that you get better soon Hino-chan! Eat bananas and gingerale and hopefully that won't upset your stomach.

You must regain your health and then I will regail you with a healthy meal and Miku's love ode of "Sex Over the Phone"!

We must do early morning shopping sometime very soon!
Seriously, why do I never see when you update anymore? 0.o;

*hugs* I hope the doctors figure out what's wrong so you can start getting well again! I really hope things start getting better for you soon! As in right now, this very second!! *manybighugs*