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Hello everyone, I know it's been forever and like ten days, but yes I am alive. There is really nothing new with me, aside from my illness, which I will discuss shortly. So yes, school sucks and I'm probably failing all my classes since I haven't been to them. I need to go tomorrow and start the research for my essay, but I am highly unmotivated. Tonight we are having pork for dinner and I am excited about it.

So I'm still ill after going to Cuba. Yes, I know it's been almost two months. Well, since I last spoke with you my strep, mono, thyroid, iron, and other tests came back normal. In the discovery that all these things were not wrong with me my family doctor told me to go home and sleep it off. I then told her I already sleep 20 hours a day and that there was something wrong with me. So she said I could have contracted Hepatitis A from the water, but she tested my B12 levels, which I assume came back normal, I don't know though because she never told me. Shortly after that I went to the hospital and was recommended to a doctor that specializes in travel medicine. I went to him and he had a ton of tests done, the royal sampler, and took four vials of my blood. Yesterday I went back to my stupid family doctor who told me that even if I caught something, or a parasite in Cuba it would have worked its way out of my system by now. FYI if I had a parasite it wouldn't work its way out of my system, it'd get comfy and grow larger. She then proceeded to tell me it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me. I was very unimpressed. Today I had an appointment with the specialist travel doctor and to make a long story short he actually cared that I was ill and went through my test results. It looks like I mostly likely have a type of parasite that is living in my lower bowel. He's not 100% since there isn't a practical method of testing, but he gave me drugs that if I have this parasite will clear it up and if I don't wont do anything. In five days I call him back and see how I'm doing, if I'm not better he'll send me to an ID doctor that will figure out what's wrong with me. However, just to be sure he is checking me for Hep A again (second or third time) because it has a 60 days incubation period and my 60 days is in a week and a bit, and on top of that he's checking out my liver and spleen stuff again because my slpeen can be felt and is tender. Apparently that's not a good sign, but it could be nothing.

That's my story, I'm alive, I have a parasite most likely. Hopefully now I will get better.

Hino-dear! *Sobs*

We'll starve the bastard out but good! *gets eggs and decaying cow ready* hahaha

awe!!! I hope you feel better soon hino-chan!!! much lovveeeeeeeee and huggsssss ♥

tis Robbs downstairs!!

I hunted down the first entry I could find just to send you a post, muwahahahah!!!!!

I'ma comin to get cha now!!!!!! *wicked grin* well...maybe...if I make it back up several flights of stairs *tear*

Robbs xoxoxoxoxox