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I have an exam tomorrow, I'm going to fail it. I don't care. I have an exam the next day. If I don't prepare for it tomorrow (should really do that tonight) I will fail it. I just don't care. I hate school. It sucks ass. It should die.

My illness is leaving, long story short, I had parasites they are dead, my typhoid carrier test is still pending and I have an ultrasound in June to make sure my liver is working. I'm tried of being ill and I would like to have been better three months ago. I KILLED PERRY!

Today instead of studying I went for all you can eat sushi and then out for a bit shopping. I bought the most amazing shoes. Let me show you...

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OO!! Pretty shoes!!♥♥

I hope you are feeling better!!!!
i know! aren't they? i think they're HOT!! haha, i'm feeling better already!

I think... I might steal your shoes?

OH! I'm so glad you are feeling at least bits better *glompglomp*
*snug* I hope the exam sitch improves...:(
I know the feeling of apathy all too well...

LOVELY shoes! Mmmm...Hino, when I have my photoshoot, if I can arrange it in enough time, you'll partake yes??? *pretty eyes* lol
god i can't wait for exams to be over with!! i hate them.

i know those shoes are love! i LOVE LOVE LOVE photoshoots! of course i will partake! >> i also have friends who would partake!

I'm sure you won't fail hun! *hugs*

I'm glad you killed Perry! Congratulations!!★(*^-゜)⌒☆Wink!

The shoes are SMEXY! XD

the shoes are HOT! in hiroto speak lol i'm excited to wear them somewhere....*ponders where she can wear them and with what*

perry died...i killed him! *dances*

Yus! They are HOT, HOT, HOT! XDDD Hmm~ Well they look good with that skirt that you were wearing and oh~~~ maybe you could wear them for Die?

ZOMG! Thank you again for switching shifts!

Quel!Gorgeous shoes. Course I already saw them, hurray for sushi and a bit of shopping on the side. ~_^

Death to Perry-kun! ☆
awwww! *pets* i agree, school should die! a very very horrible death! exams kill me >.<

yay for killing Perry! and i'm glad you're getting better! being sick for so long is really not cool v.v;

i wish i could have come to sushi with you! sadly i was in an exam when you would have been there v.v hopefully next time!

those are gorgeous shoes! where did you get them?

i got them downtown, yea maybe you'll be able to come for sushi next time!

cool shoes, these were the shoes i bought for prom (which was on thursday!)

those are some pretty awesome shoes!! like wowza! our shoes rock my socks!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 oh and yours have a strap across the top, that must be nice, mine are a bit big so they flip off if i take too large of a stride >_<

Those are sexah! *O*