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Today I took the bus up to see KiKi. It was a very interesting experience. I was sitting there on the bus and this guy asks me if I have a pen and I did so I said yes and gave it to him. He sat there scribbling on a little piece of paper and I looked over to see how my pen was doing because it was brand spanking new and cost me like a whole two dollars and I really wanted it back and he looked at me and kept scribbling. I just kept looking out the window, because that's what I do on the bus. And then he hands the pen back to me, but now with a piece of paper wrapped around it. I looked at it for a second and was 'OMG! He so did not just do this!' So I pretended not to notice and shoved it in my purse and spent the rest of the ride trying not to look at him and laugh out loud, since that would be mean. When I got to KiKi's I pulled it out and this is what it said, exactly what it says.

if you ever want to meet
a nice you can call the #
if not maybe you should
think twice :D

And sure enough on the back there was his number and his name (which is Joe). I'm still a little flabergasted, I didn't think anyone actually did that...I'm surprised there weren't check boxes saying Do you like me? Check yes or no! Like o.O

Yes, so anyways, KiKi and I walked up to Starbucks and sat there. We were supposed to be writing, but nothing was accomplished >>;; excpet that we re-drew the names for the story we will be writing while KiKi is in Japan. After that we walked over to Zellers and then back home. *nods*

Oh yes, a reminder for KiKi: YOU WILL PERFECT THAT TURN IF IT IS THE LAST THING YOU DO!!! Haha, I know we took that turn out, but I still wanted to say it. *makes hardcore hino face* We were so productive today! What a random day of productivity!

I wanted to dye my hair again tonight, but it just didn't go down that way, so it'll have to wait about a week, but the upside of waiting is that I'll get to bleach it again before dying it. I wanted it to look good for Jolene's (my cousin) stag and doe tomorrow...cos it looks like ass right now >>;;

Hmmm I don't remember what else I was going to say in this. It will come to me later I guess....so that's all for now folks!~

Oh man.. that story about the guy on the bus made me giggle a bit. I would have looked at the paper right away and tried not to laugh.

Oh hino-chan.. you are just so irresistable.
lol i know, i really didn't want to just laugh in his face though >> oh yes hino-chan is hard to resist!

*tries to resist temptation.*


*humps air*

Okay, I'm good now.


LOL *dies* too funny! oh strange random man on the bus

*eeps and backs away from hardcore hino face* Wah~ I will perfect the turn we have! Zomg! I will, I swear it! \(T__________T)/

That bus man was creepy~ (0.o);

lol you'd better...it should be fine, we have some time and we're not wearing our shoes! so i have faith...anyways i still need to shower...so i'm going to do that in just a minute >>

wow... i didn't think anyone actually did that either O.o maybe he watches too many chick flicks or something >>

he didn't look like he'd be into chick flicks, he was like total gangsta >>;; and he slapped his knee when he laughed >>

lol! that's so weird. well, you can check that off the to-do list of life i guess: getting picked up on the bus ^.^;

.....i kinda already did that......sorta...i picked up on the bus.....

hmmm.... maybe there's a section for bus pickups.... picking up and being picked up. now you've completed both, lol!

Haha, guy on bus = hillarious...and creepy

Hope you had fun at the Stag and Doe tonight!
You should add me =D