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God I feel like shit. I had to go home sick from work. My head is THROBING and my stomach feels like its tearing itself apart. Aside from that.....

AN is coming up like a bat out of hell. There is still a shit load of stuff to do. We (KiKi and I) need to work like mofos, like crazy ass mofos. Well, I guess in the grand scheme of things we actually have a lot done, just the finishing touches, but we only have two days to do it all in.

*pets* I'm sorry you're sick ;_; I hope you get better soon~ <33
*HUGS* I hope you feel better by tomorrow!

Yes, yes we do have to work like crazy assed mofo's. Tomorrow still right? Call me in the morning, ok?

*snugs her Hino dear*
Feel better, think good thoughts...like Anime North! (riight? hahaha)

*performs ultimate healing spell on sick Jrocker*

I wish I could heal you!!!!! I SUPER HOPE and I shall pray to all the gods that you feel better for your soon to be fuckin rockin weekend with Miss Kiki by your jrock cosplayin' side!! ^_^ xoxoxoxox

I told my borther to keep an eye out for two really sexy jrock girls!! and I expect a full report on my desk the following week lol :-D

I MISS YOU AND KIKI SOOO MUCH!!!!! you ladies enjoy yourselves!!!!
love robbs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Feel better soon! *pets*

Gambatte with everything still needing to be done! I just finished my own cosplay 4am as of...now. We con goers/cosplayers are crazy folk yo!