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Hey all, I'm just sitting at Peter's dad's place. I'm supposed to be backing up my laptop files but the hard drive is so dead that Peter's dad's computer can't read it most of the time. Tomorrow I'm going to have to go out and buy a new one so that I can have a working computer. However, by the looks of it I've lost over 1/2 of my music files, which includes my ~complete~ Dir en grey discography (-.-) along with some video files that I wanted. Hopefully Peter's dad will be able to recover them for me!

Today I made my first e-bay purchase. I bought Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, a game my brother and I play all the time. We really love it. I'm super excited to get it and start to play it on my new hard drive thingy...that works....hopefully. Back to the hard drive, I think I'm going to get an 80GB cos the place where we buy computer stuff has a 60GB for 95$ and an 80GB for 115$ (not including taxes) so for the extra 20$ I can get another 20 GB, sounds good to me. With a little luck I'll have The Sims 2 running on it by tomorrow and AoW Shadow Magic by the end of the month! (Myabe sooner? The guy I bought from is apparently a super duper quick shipper. *prays*)

So when I get a functioning computer my first order of business will be to find bittorrents of complete discograhy's again. w00t. Sucks arse that most of my music is a bit more difficult to find >.< Hey, anyone want to help me refind my mp3s? I'll be looking for [FIGURe:]'s discography (yes all four songs), any A9 I can get ahold of, among a whole bunch of other stuff. (Don't worry Mika I saved all my Kagrra, lol, I managed to get a good chunk of it off before my hard drive totally died on me *still praying Peter's dad will work some magic and make it work again.)

Anywho...I just took a break to Subway and ate a sub. It was pretty good. Not very much lettus on it and I had to ask the girl to put on more onion. I mean come on, veggies are the cheapest thing on the face of the planet and its all I'm getting on this stupid sandwich! Geez. Oh FYI I'm now a veggie. No more meat for hino. It makes me so ill that its not worth eating and being sick for a day or so. Plus the smell and look of it makes me want to hurl.

Peter is still going hardcore at his robot in a ball thing-a-mig-jig. I have the feeling that we're gonna be here until like 2 am so I'm going to find something else to do......

see ya around,

Wow.. it's been like a millenium since you last updated. Anywhoo. That's really cool that you went veggie. Congrats *swings you in circles*

And congratulations on your purchase of ebayness ^_^
I know, it has been awhile. Between my computer dying like two months ago and just feeling blah and kinda down for the past little bit I didn't have the drive or energy to update.

Yes I'm a veggie *is swung in circles* w00tness for me~

here be your [FIGURe:] songs
thank you very much!!! hopefully the bf will be back not too late tonight with my other computer piece that he left at his dad's so that i can PUT my hard drive INTO my computer *sighs* what have you been up to lately?

eh not much really :3

hopefully your puter can be up and running again soon
it is it is now! good to have it back...its a shame i lost nearly all my music and all of my picture files to get it back. but such is life *runs to re-find her stuff*

that sucks! did you have things backed up on discs?

i'm sorry to hear that your computer is so sick v.v but you know, any files i have i will happily send to you once you have a working computer again ^.^

eBay is a wonderful place! i hope your game comes soon! i haven't had a problem on there yet ^.^

it's sad that meat makes you so sick now v.v *pets* but there is a plus! veggies are much cheaper than meat any day @.@

veggies are much cheaper anyday lol...the beef strip sirloins were on sale for the last week...*shudders* i hate them. they're super gross and big bags filled with dead cow flesh and blood. ewwwie~

how is life going with you these days?


You have joined me eh?

Just go to my house and rip all my CDs (^__^)v

yes i have! i'm fighting the power! *raises fist in rebellion* i think i might...cos like i lost a lot >_< plus it would give me an excuse to see your parents again LOL!