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Yesterday I went to the Family Values show in Toronto with Donnie (a co-worker) and a friend of his. It was much fun (although a little disappointing). I even ran into Neko and Mika there! I was surprised by the number of Dir en grey fans there (which then all left after Dir en grey and the place quickly filled with Korn fans) It was very impressive~ (⌒∇⌒) So under the cut is my shitacular half-assed live report.

So I left my place about 10:20 and headed over to the GO station to meet up with Donnie and Tara and some random guy that Tara invited who ditched us for most of the night. We took the GO bus to Burlington and then the GO train right to the Exhibition (where the Molson Ampitheatre is), took a bit longer then I had anticipated, but whatevs, we were there with much time extra. Upon arriving we found a nice piece of lawn to sit on and plopped our asses down. I have divided the day into three sections, getting there and the first five bands, Dir en grey, the rest of the bands and getting home.

The line up had ten bands playing. The Walls of Jericho, which I did not enjoy at all. I didn't think they were anything special and we noted that the pit wasn't moving at all, since we had a nice view of the pit from above we could see who was moving around (which was no one). Then Bullets and Octane came on, they were much much better, Donnie really enjoyed them, they weren't too bad, pretty good. Deadsy came on after them I think, I liked them, they had a darker style which I enjoyed more then the first two. After then was Bury Your Dead, which I thought was worse then Walls of Jericho, I did not enjoy them one bit. After that was 10 Years, who Donnie really enjoyed, he bought one of their shirts. They were decent.

And then the best part of the day Dir en grey \(^◇^)/\(^◇^)/\(^◇^)/ トッモダチッ. However, during the first song Kyo fell and it looked like he might have hit his head and he laid there for a few minutes. I was concerned that he really hurt himself and that they wouldn't not continue playing, which would be insanely sad, since I only went for them. But he got back up eventually and kept going. It was still disappointing because they only played half of their set and then walked off the stage. ブンブン (>_< )Ξ( >_<) ブンブン Apparently some girl was trying to kill another girl in the pit and Kyo didn't like that and walked off. I'm also told that after that Kyo was taken off in an ambulance. So overall Diru was great, they played well and sounded good, but I'm still disappointed that they didn't even play their whole set. I mean I paid just to see them, I sat through a total of nine hours of music that I don't like to see them and they couldn't even play their entire set!? イヤ(≧ヘ≦ ))(( ≧ヘ≦)イヤOn top of that they cancelled the meet and greet thingy so I didn't get to go and see them and shake two of the members hands. ダメ! (T∇T )( T∇T) ダメ!

After Dir en grey was done it was Flyleaf, I didn't notice they had come on or that they had started playing and I didn't pay attention since I was talking to Mika and Neko, who informed me of what was going on. After them was StoneSour, who were quite good, I enjoyed them greatly, they even played the ONE song I've ever heard by them, Through Glass. Then Deftones, who used very bright lights and shone them right on our eyes which was painful. Towards the end of Deftones it started to rain "((_- )( -_))" ウウン and it was getting cold. Anyways the Deftones were alright, not my favourite but not bad. And finally Korn. We only stayed for five songs, since Donnie and Tara (his friend) had just seen them in April and it was raining and there would be a bajillion people trying to leave as soon as they were done and we really wanted to beat the rush to get home. But what we saw of them was pretty good.

Lastly the merchandise! I bought a shirt, I wish I had gone to get one earlier but I didn't think they would sell out of their shirts so early! Anyways I still got one, its just really big and not the one I had originally wanted, but I really had my heart set on getting one so I did. I also got the It Withers and Withers Tour DVD (regionless w00t ☆ヽ(▽⌒) きゃはーん♪) it is/was autographed, but the autographs rub off and with the rain it didn't help since the case got wet. I thought it was stufu that they signed the plastic case >>;; I mean obviously it would rub off of it. I'm pretty sure most of the autographs were rubbed off before I even bought it. They should have signed the paper inside the case or the DVD itself or something. Stufu. But whatever, I didn't get it because it was autographed, I got it for the DVD (and because it was cheaper to get it there then to have it shipped from yesasia or cdjapan by a lot). I still have to watch it, maybe I'll throw it on for a bit before I go to work.

So yes, overall I had a great time despite the Diru fiasco and getting sick from the rain. I really hope Dir en grey does not take that little incident to heart and still consider coming back to Toronto on their own (or with another tour). I would really like to see them again, and prehaps next time they will actually play their whole freakin' set.

Yup, so that's it. Neko please remember to send me those pictures!~ And the ones from the park at our little picnic!~ See you all around.


[edit: sorry KiKi I went and took a shower after leaving that post >>;; or else I would have come on and told you all about it <33]
Word is Kyo actually got a mild concussion though I didn't hear anything about the pit fight XD You got actually almost the whole set save for....maybe 4 songs? Still I wish you could have gotten the whole set ~hugs~ I really liked 10 years >_> They sound better live then on album which I love. And the meet and greet with Diru was cancelled cause like Kyo got hauled away right after the set. T_T

<3 mah PLP
i figured something like that, he was quite wobbly afterwards. i'm still disappointed about not playing the whole set. 10 Years weren't bad at all. WAY better then Bury Your Dead, I didn't care for them at all. they spoke of cancelling the meet and greet with diru before he fell >>;

<33 much luff ma PLP!

Yes! I will definitely be sending you those pictures :D Kyo is sex on legs.

And yes, he's fine now. Kyo came back later supposedly.
goodness, wouldn't want him to seriously hurt himself that would be sadness. <3<3 yes, kyo is SEX on legs! hot sweaty sex on legs <3 mmmmmmmm kyo.

All the pictures are in my latest journal entry :)
yup ^.^ more confirmation: Kyo was released from hospital about an hour later, and i have heard from two people who saw him after that he said he was fine ^___^

they actually played 9 songs, so we didn't miss too much ^.^ and the name of the new song? FATAL BELIEVER (as confirmed by a girl who talked to Shinya after the concert)

i'm so glad you came to the concert ^_______^ it was so amazing to see you! (and sorry for glomping so hard XD)

lol not a problem about the glomp <3 glomps are love. i'm really really glad i went as well! i look pretty hardcore in my diru shirt, i'm so excited to wear it around school and be all scary and out of place!~ wootness

(@o@;) Some girl was trying to kill another girl?! Wtf?! This is why you should come see Diru play in Japan... where fans are nicer to each other; seriously! Kyo fell and hurt his head? Wahh! That sucks!

I'm glad you went though and that you had a good time despite all the stufu-ness of people and the autograph (Shelly Trip Realize signed my CD like that >>;). *HUGS*

That's ok! But you better try and come online and talk to me soon! I MISS YOU!!!!!! 。・゚゚ '゜(*/□\*) '゜゚゚・。


PS Luff the faces~~ (^0~)v
i really miss you too! it would have been SOOOO much more fun with you (no offence to Donnie, he was pretty fun) we would have had a kickass time. i will try to catch you online i'm such a lazy ass >>;; and when i do i'll tell you all about the 14 year old that tried to pick me up! hahaha!~

I take back what I said about fans being nicer (esp. Diru ones) here. Carrie has told me stories...

Anyway~ thanks for the fruit! o(^_____^)o